We would love to help you preserve your memories! We shoot portrait sessions on location in order to capture our subjects in the most natural setting. We are based in Shelby County, TN, but available for travel to anywhere. For information on sessions outside of Shelby County - be it Fayette County, TN, Gulf Shores, AL or Paris, France - contact us at the link below.

We offer a wide variety of options and sizes for prints, and would be more than happy to discuss them when you contact us to schedule a session. <a href="mailto:joe@sankeyphoto.com?subject=Inquiry - Portrait Session">Click here for more information on portrait sessions.</a>

Event Photography

The natural side-effect of shooting portraiture with an eye towards storytelling is that event photography - where the story is unfolding before you - becomes a natural complement. We are available for shooting events on an as-available basis. Pricing is determined based on your wants and needs as well as the location and duration of the event. <a href="mailto:joe@sankeyphoto.com?subject=Inquiry - Event Photography">Click here to contact us with information about your event.</a>


New for 2009! Due to customer requests we are now offering tutorial sessions for Nikon SLR camera owners. If you are in the Memphis area and would like to know how to use more of your Nikon than just the 'Program' setting, let us know. We will be booking weekend sessions for up to three clients at a time for a 90-minute session. Pricing is $150 per student per session. Topics covered in the two classes are as follows:

Intro Class - For those just venturing into SLR photography.

  • Basic Photo Theory - exposure, depth-of-field, shutter speed, ISO - working with light
  • Camera Modes - What do those A, S, P & M modes mean, and when do I use them?
  • Lens Capabilities - Working with your lens(es), and understanding their limitations.
  • Real-World Use - General advice for use and care of your camera AND your images.
  • Intermediate Class - For those with a basic understanding of light and exposure theory who want to get more out of their camera.

  • Lens Selection - A more in-depth look at different lens perspectives, apertures and the application of specialty lenses.
  • Auto ISO
  • Custom Modes/Menus
  • Your Histogram & You (This does not involve a doctor. *rimshot*...)
  • Bracketing
  • Other Camera-Specific Features
  • <a href="mailto:joe@sankeyphoto.com?subject=Inquiry - Classes">Click here to contact us regarding classes.</a>